2018 Bullet Journal Yearly Setup

My 2018 Bullet Journal Yearly Setup

A new year means new spreads! My journal started late last year. After the first week, I realized how much I love this concept and my brand new personalized bullet journal. I hope the rest of my journal will last for me the next year or else I have to do the same thing next year. Actually starting late was a blessing and a curse. Even though I don’t get to start my journal at the beginning of a new year, it gave me time to find out what things I like and keep up with in my journal. I am a type of person that if it gets too complicated, I am unable to keep up with it. Let me show you my 2018 bullet journal yearly setup!

Bullet Journal Yearly Spread Cover

2018 Cover

Having a 2018 cover page was a necessity. I needed a page to separate my late 2017 spreads from my brand new year. You can actually see the white paper I had to use to cover up my mistake. I probably will be writing 2017 in my years for a while.

Tip: If you need to cover up a mistake, write it out correctly on white paper then cut it out! I used tape but I would recommend using glue to keep the sides down. If you want, you can use washi tape to tape it down to give it a little flare.Bullet Journal Key


My key changed from last year. My last year’s key was based on dots, but the problem was that I could never see the dots whenever I wrote in my tasks. I based my key on AmandaRachLee’s key. You can find her on YouTube!

My favorite part of my key is the little grid size at the bottom. It helps me remember that my Leuchtturm is 38 squares tall and 26 squares wide. It helps me plan out my spreads!

Note: I realized I didn’t cross out the canceled. 

Bullet Journal Future Log

Future Log

On the next page, I wanted my future log. Actually, my future log is a little shorter than many. Since I am a student, I plan based on my school’s semester system (around 6 months long). The first thing I did was take my school’s 2018 Spring calendar and wrote in the important dates for school, such as finals, withdraw dates, and holidays.

The Notes section is for future events that have no date as of now or even past my current future log. The reason I only wrote 6 months at a time is when it comes to the Fall semester, I don’t want to flip all the way back. Instead, I’ll have my semester overview and future log together.

Bullet Journal Level 10 Life Page Ideas and Inspiration

Level 10 Life

This is actually very new to me. Thanks to Bohoberry for inspiring me to do this. Find her post on Level 10 Life here. Looking at her Level 10 Life made me realize how much I wanted to improve in these aspects in my life. These 8 aspects are the parts of my life I want to improve in and how I can achieve it. I plan to look back on this every month or 3 months. If I realize that I haven’t spent enough time in one aspect, the next month I can dedicate more time there instead of guessing.

I also added a quote at the top to inspire me to keep going no matter what.

Bullet Journal Gift Ideas Page

Gift Ideas

Someone else gave me this idea. Next Christmas, this spread will be the best to figure out what gifts to get everyone. The problem I have is that occasionally I would have ideas for Christmas gifts and tell myself “I’ll remember it once I get to Christmas.” Yeah, that never happens. I never remembered and always had this lingering thought of “I had this gift idea for you but I can’t remember what it was!” 

Since I don’t do an expense tracker or spending log, I wanted something to help me figure out what was important to buy now or wait until I can spend some money on myself. I used this wishlist last year and I made me realize I wanted a lot of things but didn’t necessarily need it.

Bullet Journal Period and Weight Tracker

Weight and Period Tracker

Periods suck, but they happen. My periods can be sporadic and I need to track that. The only thing I add will probably be some symbols to represent symptoms and etc. These two trackers don’t necessarily need to be compared but for others, it can.

My personal goal, not just for this year but in general, is to gain weight. Writing in my weight (probably weekly) either gives me accomplishment that I am gaining weight or makes realize that I need to do something more.

Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule and Tracker

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning sucks. When was the last time I cleaned the kitchen or even the bathroom? I could never remember. What does that mean? A new spread! My Leuchtturm isn’t wide enough for 52 weeks so I had to stack them.

For the “Other” section, I wrote in tasks that need to happen ever 3 or 6 months. The months weren’t written in because it would depend the last time I had done that task. For example, the last time I replaced my Brita filter was in November. The first month I would write in there would be February.

Bullet Journal Projects Page Ideas

Project Ideas and Tasks

I always have several ideas floating in my head. Having ideas floating in my head meant that I never knew if I was progressing on my personal or business projects. Looking at this spread inspires me to keep on working on.

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In the future

My yearly setup doesn’t have much mainly because if I were to make it too complicated, I would never keep up with it. This has worked for me so far and maybe next year, I’ll have the same spreads or even add more.

In the future, I’ll be adding a semester overview spread. My class schedule isn’t set yet for a week or two into the semester. I’ll be waiting until then before writing my semester schedule.


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  1. I love your spreads, they’re so simple and minimalistic. Pretty spreads are so nice and I love looking at other artists’ work, but I can never be that creative, so it’s nice to see someone’s BuJo that isn’t overly “art’d” out. I think people get so caught up with that and feel discouraged. Whereas the creator of Bullet Journalling did it to make your life more simple! Can’t wait to see more posts from you. I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!

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